2021 Spring Online International Exhibition: Judge’s Choices by Christine Drewyer

“At the Threshold”, 36×30 by Charles Young Walls
Best of Show in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Best of Show;   At the Threshold

The very moment I look at this amazing piece of art, I am drawn into the figure and her story. The extraordinary skin tones, the exceptional balance of light and dark values which expertly move my eye throughout the composition. Remarkable edges and restrained color throughout the piece and the amount of subtle detail, which is in the drapery and carpets, then crescendos into the luscious reds of the robe on the woman which only facilitates the feeling of an ancient story. I am certain I must already know this story without ever hearing it. The use of glowing light which helps to create a sense of space and time continues to bounce the energy around this exquisite painting. This piece just oozes an exceptional amount of poise and grace so rarely seen in a contemporary piece.

“Taking the Train”, 24×12, by Gayle Madeira; Second Place in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

2nd Place;   Taking the Train

There is a remarkable sense of place created by the minimal approach to this engaging piece. I can almost feel his thoughts, sense his quiet humble grace all emphasized by the posture and composure in this man. The simple graphic presentation is a perfect example of less is more. I know where he is, the gleaming light reflected off the seats, the balance of careful patterning of the linoleum floor against the vertical stripped upper third of the painting continues to draw the eye upward and surrounds this elegant figure with a quiet dignity which is so current and honest. Outstanding painting which emanates poise and a natural grace.

“Shelley at Strasburg Railroad”, 30×40 by Lee Alban. Third Place in the 2021 Spring Online International Exhibition

3rd Place;  Shelley at Strasburg Railroad

This remarkable painting just possesses so many qualities of excellence. The drawing skill is impeccable, the use of restrained color, the narrative qualities and the historical significance all contribute to an outstanding piece of art. Perfection of perspective and composition and the reflections are extraordinarily rendered. Each texture is believable and exquisitely handled. This piece of art is skill at its peak all the while reminding us of the working people and their important and relevant stories.

“Tioga River on 140”, 16×12 by Liane Whittum Best Landscape in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Best Landscape;  Tioga River on 140

The rich and quiet use of atmosphere in the subtle color harmonies of the peach tones which sing perfectly against the plethora of greens. It is so difficult to portray a scene which emanates a sense of calm and peace while using such a restrained palette. Lovely perspective which draws the eye up through the water and finishes with a glowing sky at dusk. Gorgeous and beautifully handled brushwork which bounces from fine detail into a soft lustrous and pleasing backlit row of trees which creates a beautiful sense of distance and place.

“Fringe Benefits”, 12×12 by Claudia Seymour, Best Still Life in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Best Still Life;  Fringe Benefits

The first thing that struck me about this still life was the luscious use of color. It is extremely difficult to create a full spectrum colored piece and still have the color harmonies of those Yellow & orange apricots bouncing off the lovely rich blues in the pottery. The eye travels easily around the entire composition and the subtle gray background is a perfect neutral to enhance the remaining rich colors. The paint is controlled but still possess a quality of life and movement.

“Emotions IV”, 80x120cm by Agnes Zaszkaliczky Best People in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Best People; Emotions IV

What an extraordinary of a surprising presentation of portraiture! The skin tones are translucent and play in perfect harmony with the busy patterns of the suggested Art Neuveau background and the dress. It is remarkable the way both the engaging glance as well as the negative space created by the body balance out the composition in such an interesting and contemporary presentation. I am intrigued and drawn into her story instantly while still wanting to explore all the delicious pattern work which has been exceptionally rendered. Amazing Oil painting.

“Macaroons”, 11.5×10.5 by Marcia Palmer Best Use of Light and Color in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Best Use of Light & Color;  Macarons

It is almost impossible to praise enough the exquisite use of color and light in this enchanting piece. I believe that I am looking at a beautiful little vignette of an intimate café. The variety of textures are impeccably handled, from the cloth of the tea towel to the plastic & ribbon and then there are those macarons! Bravo, I could just take a bite! The reflective qualities in both the glass pieces as well as the silver of the teaspoon are pure perfection. Bravo, exceptional painting.

“The Drunken Concubine”, 80x60cm, Most Innovative in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Most Innovative;  The Drunken Concubine

There is a lyrical sense of movement which is created and amplified by the arms and hands which surround the key figure in this intriguing painting. Compositionally, the supporting characters are there to draw even more attention to this central figure and her story. There is a tension created by the posturing of the ancillary players as well and an almost sense of dread on their part to an obviously oblivious star character. The limited palette and stark black background only enhance the engaging story and a need to know what might happen next. To accomplish this much emotion with only the movement and placement of the figures is exceptional use of composition. Brilliant painting.

“Entranced”, 21×20 by Cher Pruys, Best Narrative in the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition

Narrative Excellence;  Entranced

Having spent hours transporting my own daughter to countless hours of dance classes, this scene is particularly familiar. The artist has captured the innocence and intrigue felt by these young dancers so precisely! It so beautifully tells the story of young beginners who are enthralled with what the more experienced dancers are doing. They are believably engaged and possess that appropriately disheveled look that endears the little ones to us. Handled with such charm and amazing graphic qualities – exquisite story telling and brilliant use of paint.

Our sincere thanks to Christine Drewyer, AWA, WAOW-Master, NOAPS for judging the 2021 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition. Her time, effort, and breadth of knowledge are much appreciated.

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