2022 Spring Online Winners: A Critique by Tom Altenburg, Awards Judge, Part One

Best of Show Award: , “Jazz Club”, 20×30, Oil, by Jung Zhao

I can hear the jazz music being played. I can see the spontaneous movement of the dancing people as well. What an entertaining musical moment captured in time! I especially like the careful positioning of lights and darks, and placement of colors that creates interest and contrast. The composition is so masterfully crafted in its seemingly looseness. I think the story is so timely as well. Coming out of a long pandemic, people are able to get together and enjoy listening to music, in a fun place like this again.

Second Place Award: “Morning Light”, 22×28, Oil, by Jian Wu.

This is a representational nude figure masterfully done. The use of strong light and shadows, surface textures, and the careful control of color makes this figure so believable. This painting is so fresh, and memorable. Some rich emotions are certainly captured here as well.

Third Place Award: “Joy of the World”, 30×20, Oil, by Lee Alban.

An incredible mastery of realism.The portrait gives this historical public servant such believability. She is nicely positioned in a location by the front of a train. Along with her head’s angle, glasses, and interesting facial expression she tells me a real story of her life experience. I like the subtle use of colors. Also, As a veteran, I think the painting shares an important public service message for today..

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