Bolivar, Missouri, a quaint little town in the Ozarks, will be the place to be the week of October 8, 2014. Todd A. Williams, a recognized artist, will conduct a three day painting workshop at the Dunnegan Gallery of Art. Whether a beginner or an advanced artist, there will be plenty to learn in these three days filled with art, knowledge, and camaraderie. After the workshop (October 8,9, and 10) Todd will judge the almost 100 paintings accepted into NOAPS 24th Best of America Exhibit awarding over $10000 in cash and sponsor certificates to the most outstanding artworks in the show. He will also explain his selections during the Award Banquet the evening of October 11. This will be without a doubt, a great learning experience and an opportunity to grow as an artist
                                                               –  The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society

“The 7 Keys to Painting”
by Todd A. Williams

Stairway Home Italy by Todd A Williams

Stairway Home Italy by Todd A Williams

1) Knowledge vs. Observation= This is really about knowing how to choose the right subject or composition to paint, something often that is given little importance by beginners. It comes down to the experience of painting for years and miles of mistakes on canvas.
2) Design= The key here is using a view finder on location to find the most overall powerful design and by placing the centrality of focus in or near the golden mean. As you begin to lay in your sketch, use the view finder to analyze the correct shapes and prospective angles. It’s all about comparative measuring.
3) Squinting= We must squint down our eyes in order to eliminate the unnecessary details and simplify the subject. It is also the best way to find the correct relationship of the VCM’s and edges.
4) “VCM” Value – Color – Mixture = After getting my design and drawing in place on the canvas. Through squinting, I begin mixing the correct VCM’s for each value plane. I ask myself does it need to go lighter or darker (value) – warmer or cooler(color).
5) Paint Application = Here is where we as artists can be a kid again. Experiment with different tools, maybe lay on the paint with a palette knife and smear it with your fingers. Or paint with your brush held at different angels in relationship to the canvas for a variety of texture.
6) Edges = For me this is something I can analyze later as the painting progresses and make the necessary adjustments by relating one edge to another. I believe it is always good to have four edges represented to lead the eye of the viewer. Sharp- hard- soft- lost.
7) Spirit – Soul and Body= Time to analyze your initial vision. Just as we as human beings are made up of three different parts, so should our paintings.

  • Spirit- Does my painting breathe and have life to it? Is it exciting on multiple levels and does it have poetic passages that speak creatively about the artist himself/herself.
  • Soul – Is the overall character or focal point of the painting successful in directing the viewer?
  • Body – Are all the relationships cohesive and unified with an overall accurate color harmony?
The Flaker, Vienna by Todd A. Williams

The Flaker, Vienna by Todd A. Williams

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Santa Maria by Todd A. Williams

Santa Maria by Todd A. Williams

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  1. Sarah Gren says:

    I’m a big fan of Todd A. Williams and I love his paintings. After watching some of his paintings I bought brushes and paints from jerry’s art store to try my hand on canvas. 🙂 So far I suck. Would be definitely attending this one.

  2. now news says:

    Great, thanks lot for these type of post.

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