Artists from different parts of the world working with oil and acrylic bring diverse perspectives and creativity to NOAPS. At the same time, they make us realize that art transcend barriers of distance, culture, and age and connects us in a unique way. Art is a gift of inspiration and creativity bestowed only on the few that are called to pursue it. Artists give back that gift to people through their singular interpretations. Their creations become symbols of remembrances, cultural icons of their times, and emblems proudly displayed for individuals to enjoy at home or in public spaces. Art unifies us. Art, in its infinite manifestations, is a continuous thread found in all civilizations since ancient times. It links us, differentiates us, and pushes us together through its distinctive human touch.

From China: NOAPS Artist member Sha Zhiguo can be seen in a familiar setting: his painting studio

Artist Sha Zhiguo in his studio

Artist Sha Zhiguo in his studio

surrounded by his creations. His presence gives us an idea of the monumentality of the beautiful landscape behind him. Contemporary in concept, yet a reminiscence of great Chinese works of the past can also be seen through the work. The harmony in the colors and composition bring together his pieces of art.

Painting by Cuban artist Yorguis Menendez-Humaran

Painting by Cuban artist Yorguis Menendez-Humaran

From Cuba: NOAPS member Yorguis Menendez-Humaran is an artist with paintings in private collections both in the United States and in Cuba. A participant and Top 150 in the last two NOAPS International Online Exhibits, Yorguis enjoys painting pastoral genre as well as equine art, tobacco farmland, and landscapes from his native Cuba. Some of his paintings are reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age when landscapes became very important. Favorite subjects were farmland and meadows where cattle grazed such as in the case of Yorguis painting here.

From China: In a contemporary style, the

Painting by Chinese Artist Zhao Lu

Painting by Chinese Artist Zhao Lu

work of young artist Zhao Lu gives us a subject presented in a series from absolute realism to abstraction. His art grants the opportunity to see his technical skills both in realism and abstraction using the paint thickness and colors to deconstruct the original realistic rendition. Zhao currently lives in Beijing and he graduated from the Oil Painting Department , Art Institute of Tsinghua University. In the last years, he has participated in group and solo exhibitions in China.

Number 3ena chy_resized-1From India: Artist Ena Chy tells us the story behind her “Light Reflection”. “Ritu” means season in the perpetual universal phenomenon. This Ritu is profoundly related to sun light and its beautiful spectra just like the personal characteristics of a being.
Ena explains: “As I traveled along troubled roadways years ago, I would, at times, slow down to rest. I would see a burst of colors from the true nature of light and its reflection in surrounding water bodies. As my trip would end my memory would evoke the dynamics of the suburbs and the happenings all over the world – the seasonality of time, of each of us, and of events. This I have witnessed and I have gratefully enjoyed viewing that part of earth’s splendor.”

Regardless of the corner of the world, there is a common theme among artists that unify us: the ultimate desire to create art and to share that creation. Art transcend culture and time and leads us to pose the question: Why are we drawn to create art?

To contact the artists send a message to

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