Painting is used to open the heart and embody a dream. Painters have the ability to show people the real world through a realistic painting and to give them a splendid dream through an art creation.

"Northern Autumn" by Charles Redwood, oil 60x80

“Northern Autumn” by Charles Redwood, oil 60×80 cm

The beautiful scenery drawn by a painter is the inflection of the beautiful soul. Since my childhood, I have liked landscape painting. Soaring peaks, bold deserts, towering poplars, and nameless flowers in painting are the symbols of pure nature and songs of praise to life. Mountains in my paintings exhibit strength, trees show flourishing life, and rivers reveal an unremitting pursuit of nature.
Whether it is the West plateau of China or the European Alps, there is always a fascination with the landscape. Even during a tight journey, I enjoy the scenery as much as possible and I am always looking for that touching picture.

"Mountain Streams" by Charles Redwood

“Mountain Streams” by Charles Redwood

Charles Redwood was born in a village in northern China close to the sea, the plains, rivers, and mountains. As a teenager, he studied basic painting in a small town. Later, he went to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing for art education. At the same time, he also learned painting from several American painters. At the present time, he lives in Shandong province and he mainly engages in the creation of landscape painting. Charles’s paintings have been included in numerous exhibitions. In March 2015, the oil painting “Mountain and River in the Western Regions” won second prize among the Chinese New Year painting and calligraphy masters invitational exhibition in Jinan, China. Charles is a member of The National Oil & Acrylic Painters ‘Society (NOAPS) and The National Watercolor Society U.S.A among other organizations. His works have been published in “The Youth Times” and in “The Corporate Culture” magazine,
These are comments about his art:
“Color and texture of the painting are amazing.” – American painter Yolanda Raker evaluating “Flowers in Hulun Buir”
“The bright space, beautiful and harmonious scenery, gorgeous texture effects of images always embody vibrant life and artistic tension.” – A Chinese Art Critic.

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