Larry Rudolech: The Call of Light and Color

One can not help but be drawn in by Larry Rudolech’s painting, “Not Just a Bridge”, winner of Best Use of  Light and Color Award sponsored by Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff in the 2016 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit. This well composed painting leads us skillfully to the focal area, with all shadows giving the viewer direction. The colors are well chosen, comprised of complements expertly arranged.  The artist knew when to lighten, dull or brighten the colors, leading the viewer easily around the painting.  But for a landscape (or any painting, for that matter) to be a masterpiece, it takes more than a working knowledge of fundamentals.  One must feel the sense of place, of atmosphere, and want to exist within the painting.

Rudolech1371-15 NO Not Just A Bridge 3500

“Not Just a Bridge” 18×24 Oil, Collection of the Artist

As a young person, Larry had always enjoyed drawing and art, but came into his own after winning multiple national art awards in high school.  His college career at the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis took him in the direction of design, a degree which he used to become a graphic designer and illustrator.  After owning his own freelance business in the field, Larry decided to leave the “rat race” and focus his energies on painting.  He has been actively pursuing his love of art for the last 10-12 years, with great success.

RudolechCafe New Harmony  “Cafe New Harmony” 24×24, Oil, Collection of the Artist

Mainly a self taught artist, Larry feels the best teacher is actually the act of painting itself.  In a sense, this has given him the freedom to paint “the way I feel I am made to paint…I paint very simple…”, although his paintings don’t give the impression of simplicity.  Larry also loves sculpture, and in the painting “Cafe New Harmony” we can sense the sculptural quality of his paintings.

Rudolech1735-17 Gone Fishing  “Gone Fishing” Oil, 16×12, Collection of the Artist

Rudolech1699-17 Selfe Trip   “Selfe Trip” 24×24, Oil, Collection of the Artist

Larry finds himself a plein air painter 9 months out of the year, but often considers his plein air work to be studies for competition pieces.  Back in the studio he takes the plein air work and recreates it, looking for areas to improve.  He often has 3 or 4 paintings in process at the same time, giving each painting time to “tell (him) what it needs”.  This helps him to avoid the mistake of overworking a painting, and as he states “I have never under worked a painting yet”.

Oil is the main medium for Rudolech, and he uses a very standard palette of colors.  The main thing that he is searching for in his paintings is a sense of light and color.  The subject matter for his paintings varies, and his goal is often to bring beauty to the ordinary things that may not at first appear beautiful.  In the studio the reworked paintings may take no longer than the plein air studies, as he tries to put the paint down once without overworking.

RudolechWashington Gem 2500   “Washington Gem” Oil, 24×30, Collection of the Artist

Rudolech encourages artists to enter competitions; this, he feels, is an excellent way to learn.  The competitions can help the artist to compare their work against work that may be considered at a higher level, and makes obvious areas for improvement.  He emphasizes that when entering a competition, focus your entries on those pieces with artistic merit, not just pretty pictures.  And most of all, find your heaven, as he has done, by painting to satisfy yourself.

Galleries representing Larry Rudolech:

The Brown County Art Gallery, Nashville, IN

The Brown County Art Guild, Nashville, IN

Broad Ripple Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

New Harmony Gallery, New Harmony, IN

For more information on Larry Rudolech, visit his website at:

To view all the the NOAPS Best of America 2016 paintings, visit, and on Instagram at Natoilandacrylicsociety.

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