Tina Garret: A Leap of Success

Tina GarrettIMG_0158   “Reverie” Oil, 20×30, Collection of the Artist, Winner of The Second Place Award in the 2016 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit

Stirring. When looking at Tina Garrett’s painting “Reverie”, that was the foremost word that came to mind.  The painting emotes on many levels: firstly, the chiaroscuro.  The shifts from light to dark create a sense of drama and mystery, leading the viewer into the creative process by imaging what is in the areas of dark; what is really the expression on the woman’s face?  Secondly, the areas of light lead us around the painting, from flower to flower and then resting on the luscious folds of satin that point to the hands, then to the face. But then we have a question to resolve…what is the story?  The position of the feet make us think that there is an insecurity, perhaps a vulnerability, that we are left to question, and ultimately relate to.

Tina Garrett came to oil painting after her career in graphic design and illustration.  Having an early interest and love for drawing, Tina went to college at the Colorado Institute of Art where she pursued graphics.  But when the publisher she worked for went bankrupt, she had to make a decision; her leap of faith was to follow her dream of painting like the Masters.

Tina GarretIMG_0157   “Momento a Momento” Oil, 58×28 Collection of the Artist

After the choice to become a full time artist was made, Tina studied with various well known artists, as well as at the Scottsdale Artists’ school, where she received two merit scholarships.  Artists that have been particularly helpful in her career path are Romel de la Torre and Michelle Dunaway, both of whom remain in contact to provide rich guidance and advice.

For Tina, inspiration can strike her anywhere, anytime: “I’m just living my life and flash, there it is in the turn of neck or swatch of fabric.”  The model for ‘Reverie’ was a chance encounter while at an art exhibition, and after a short chase, the model was secured for a sitting.

Painting exclusively in oil, Tina works both from life and photos.  Many of her paintings are quite involved, some taking up to a month to bring to conclusion.  Her process for painting varies, as different paintings require different approaches.  At times she uses the selective start method, wherein she begins in one area and brings that area to completion.  Other times she may do an underpainting, particularly for more complex subjects.

Tina Garrett10527676_781899595223214_5305240114465913161_n   Detail image of “City Blues” 24×36, painted in selective start method.  This painting won the ARC Purchase Award in the 11th Annual International ARC Salon.

Tina Garrettdetail monochrome string of pearls   This detail image shows the monochrome underpainting used to create “String of Pearls” 30×40, ARC Salon Purchase Award winner, and 2015 NOAPS BOA People’s Choice Award Winner.

Tina’s work has been well received by numerous organizations of late; she has earned two purchase awards from the 11th and 12th International ARC Salons,  and two of her  paintings are now part of ARC’s renowned permanent collection.  She credits her family for their support, but it is mostly her devotion to art that has led her to such success.

Always the student, Tina feels that any artist should paint knowing their intentions and keeping perspective.  She keeps books that she finds helpful close by, particularly “Alla Prima II” by Richard Schmid, and refers to them when needed.    For Tina, making her painting process as joyful as possible is most important, “quality materials, good food, great music and a beautiful muse.  I truly believe if you love what you’re doing, it shows”.

Tina Garrett is self represented at this time.

Tina’s work “String of Pearls” is exhibiting in the 12th Annual International ARC Salon at the Salmagundi Club in New York May 13-June 12, 2017 and at the Museum of Modern Art Europe (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain in September.  “Reverie”, recent Grand Prize winner of International Artist Magazine’s People and Figures Challenge NO. 98 can be seen at the 26th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art in Cincinnati, Ohio May 12-June 10.

Tina teaches workshops at private studios and art centers across the U.S. and is teaching her first international workshop in Tuscany, Italy in October, 2017.

To view more of Tina’s work, visit her website at http://www.tinagarrett.com

To view more of the 2016 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit, visit http://www.noaps.org and see the images on Instagram at Natoilandacrylicsociety.


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