Christine Drewyer: Nature’s Mirror

Christine Drewyer Edge of Eternity 20x30 vga

“Edge of Eternity”, by Christine Drewyer,  Oil on Linen, 20×30, Winner of an Excellence Award sponsored by Source Tek at the 2016 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit.  Now showing at the RS Hanna Gallery, Fredricksburg, Texas.

The end of the day.  This moody painting tells of finality, of longing, the feeling of being elsewhere.  The viewer wants to cross the pond, go over the embankment and into whatever lies beyond.  This is the feeling that the artist intended; painted in memory of her deceased father, the painting tells the story of life beyond: the setting sun, the reflections in the pond, and the nondescript distance that leaves one yearning to discover it’s secrets.

Christine Drewyer paints from the heart.  Raised in a large family, growing up in the country, she found her muse in the beauty of nature.  Largely a self taught artist, she learned technique from various artists, and finds inspiration from contemporary artists including Nancy Boren, Scott Christenson, Cyrus Afsary, Jacob Collins and Daniel Gerhartz.  Barbara Nuss is another great inspiration, and Christine appreciates Barbara’s critical eye when they are able to paint together.

ChristineDrewyer-Passage-Oil- 24x30   “Passage” 24×30, Oil, RS Hanna Gallery

It is easy to see the influence of some of the great masters in Christine’s work; she cites the work of George Inness and the Hudson River School painters as giving her the vision for her own work.  And although her main genre is the landscape, she does paint still life and figures, which help keep her drawing skills sharp.  As both a studio painter and a plein air painter, the experience of the outdoors helps her “to keep the art honest and helps me to keep finding new venues which inspire and excite me”.  A trip to Italy this fall will further her repertoire of visual inspiration.  (Lucky Girl!)

Christine Drewyer Sycamore_Sunset 20x24 vga   “Sycamore Sunset”, 20×24, Oil, Private Collection

Christine’s working process in the studio begins with a little music and reference material from both field studies and photos.  Her work begins with a charcoal sketch, which she then paints over with a thin wash of a neutral color.  Her palette consists of various triads, depending on the scene, but you will usually find colors such as titanium white, gold ochre, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue, phalo blue, red iron oxide, cadmium red and sepia on her palette.  She works on oil primed stretched linen in the studio, and may work on a linen board in the field.  Most important in the beginning stages are the emphasis on light and dark, with a clear understanding of the light source.  As the painting progresses, she keeps the initial concept of the painting in mind, so that the finished piece will reflect this feeling or idea.

Christine DrewyerAbove the Fray - VGA   “Above the Fray”, 20×24, Oil, Berkley Gallery

Christine has won many national awards, including the Publishers Award of Excellence for “Snow Shadows”, 9×12 Oil, Women Artists of the West Exhibition; the President’s Award for “Shining Through”, 30×30, oil, at the Salmagundi Club of NYC; an Award of Merit for “Sycamore Sunset” 20×24, oil, from NOAPS; and a Certificate of Excellence for “Solitude” 20×24, oil, from the Women Artists of the West.  She has also served on the Board of Directors for three national art organizations: President of Women Artists of the West from 2013-2016 and co-chair of their 47th Annual National Exhibition, and the Inaugural Spring Showcase at the R.S. Hanna Gallery in 2017; Membership chair of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters 2013-2015; and serves as a new board member of American Women Artists.

Christine DrewyerPebble Stream - Copy   “Pebble Stream”, 36×48, Oil, Private Collection

Christine feels privileged to be able to pursue her art; she finds beauty and inspiration everywhere…and would encourage all artists to never lose sight of the value of what we do, for it is the pouring out of the artist’s soul on the canvas that brings that beauty out to the unseeing eye.

To view more of Christine’s work, visit her website at

Galleries representing her work include: Berkely Gallery, Warrenton, VA; Main St. Gallery, Annapolis, MD; Rich Timmons Studio & Gallery, Doyleston, PA; the Salmagundi Club, NYC; The Seaside Gallery, Pismo Beach, CA; and currently at the RS Hanna Gallery for the WAOW showcase.

To see more of the NOAPS Exhibitions, visit or visit Instagram at Natoilandacrylicsociety.


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