Louise Thies: Success in Diversity

NOAPS theis manofconcretefinished  “Man of Concrete” 34×12, Winner of an Excellence Award sponsored by artframes.com at the 2016 Best of America Exhibit

There is no question that the theme of this painting is strength.  From the stance of the subject, the expression on his face, his musculature, even the dimensions of the painting itself impose upon the viewer a sense that this brawny individual is a force.  The artist has captured a sense of light; couple that with complementary colors and skillful painting, and you have an outstanding painting.

Louise Thies has had a circuitous path to art; she was engaged in art at an early age, particularly as a young person in school.  Although she pursued a degree in computer programming in college, art was never far from mind.  A successful job gave way to a move to rural Missouri where a scarcity of jobs resulted in her opening a taxidermy shop.  She worked hard at this profession, becoming a Master Taxidermist.  The taxidermy was a form of art: “(it) involved a lot of ‘seeing’. Art is all about seeing.  Taxidermy can be art in 3-D.”

Learning art is, of course, a life long pursuit.  Before going back to college to earn a degree in Art Education, Louise had been learning and creating art.  She has worked in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylic, watercolor, and sculpture, but she admits that oils are her first love.  In addition to painting, Louise is an accomplished etcher in granite.  Examples of her work on monuments are found throughout the state of Missouri (these can also be seen on her website).

Inspiration comes easily to Louise; just a glint of light or a story to tell is motivation to start painting.  She works in many genres as well; portraits, still life, wildlife, western art and plein air are all part of her repertoire.  She usually makes her own panels, but will also paint on stretched canvas and linen.  Her process usually involves laying in the whole painting first, making sure her proportions fit well into the space.

NOAPS theis manofconcrete ref photo   “Man of Concrete reference photoNOAPS theis manofconcreteinprogress   “Man of Concrete” in process

Louise Thies is a prolific and award-winning artist, but she states that her greatest accomplishment is being able to make a living at what she loves to do.  Her passion for painting comes through in her work; and the myriad of her subject matter helps to keep her skills sharp and her paintings fresh.

Her words to our readers: “Paint what you’re passionate about and never stop learning or trying something new.”

Louise’s work can be viewed at http://www.thiesart.com

Galleries representing her work include the Hawthorn Galleries, Springfield, MO; MacCreeds Art Gallery, Lebanon, MO; The Vine, Osage Beach, MO; and Bill’s Art Center, Camdenton, MO.

To view more of the 2016 Best of America Exhibit, visit http://www.noaps.org.

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