Hahnemuehle Acrylic Paper: A Review by Annie Strack

NOAPS Hahnemuhl 7. Beach, acrylic on paper by Annie Strack

“Seascape”, Acrylic Painting on Hahnemuhle Paper by Annie Strack.

Hahnemuehle offers a variety of papers for every use, including several that are specifically made for acrylic painters.  I love trying new papers. and I was thrilled to try out some of the papers that are made for acrylic panting.  I teach and paint with watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels and tried the acrylic papers with all of these mediums to see how they perform and compare.  I often switch back and forth between mediums, and I appreciate papers that can hold up to the various paints, solvents, and techniques that I employ.  The papers that I tested are:

* Acrylic Linen Texture 155 lb.  This paper has a slick surface, and performs the most like a traditional gessoed support.  The texture provides a slight amount of tooth that really feels and looks like linen.  It is the brightest white, and is also the least absorbent of all the papers, having an almost plastic feel.  Pastels and charcoal do not adhere to its surface, and watercolors puddle just as they would on other brands of synthetic paper.  For oils and acrylics, this paper can’t be beat.  The surface makes it easy to move the paint around and mix colors right on the paper.  The block form resembles the feel of painting on a linen panel.

NOAPS Hahnemuhle 1. Linen Texture

*Acrylic Cold Pressed Texture Bright White 210 lb.  This paper has a perfect texture, color, weight, and sizing, making it the ideal paper for every medium.  The heavier weight gives the finished painting more heft, and it holds up under heavy impasto techniques, vigorous brushwork or scraping.

NOAPS Hahnemuhle 2. Cold Pressed 210 lb

*Acrylic Cold Pressed Texture 170 lb. Natural White.  This paper looks and feels the same as the 210 lb. Bright White, with the only noticeable difference being the lighter weight, and subsequently, lower cost.  Despite its weight, it still has plenty of strength to perform perfectly well with all the mediums.

NOAPS Hahnemuhle 3. Cold Pressed 170 lb

*College Cold Pressed 160 lb.  This paper has a more natural white appearance, and is the only paper that is not labeled “Age Resistant” (archival).  As a student grade paper, it performs beautifully with all the mediums.  The paper is especially attractive for painting demonstrations and studies that are not intended to become permanent works of art, and is the most cost effective option.

NOAPS Hahnemuhl 4. College 160 lb

The whitest of the papers is the Linen texture, with the others being quite a pleasing white.  I did not notice a discernible difference in color between the papers labeled Bright White and Natural White, although the College paper was the closest to Natural White of all.  The papers are all acid free, and except for the College paper, are labeled “Age Resistant”, meaning archival.

The papers all come in “blocks,” meaning the pad of paper is gummed on all four sides to hold the sheets in place during the painting process.  When a painting is finished, the artist cuts it from the block by slipping a knife under the top sheet and sliding it around the edges to release it.

Blocks are particularly handy for plein air painters.  The rigid pad provides the support during the painting process, eliminating the need for a board, and also prevents buckling or warping.  All the papers proved to provide a firm surface for painting with the tested mediums.  No stretching is needed for the blocks, nor is there a need to gesso the paper.

The papers are pre-sized and ready to use, and can be used with oils as well as acrylics.  The blocks are especially useful for professional artists, art teachers and students for an economical choice for studies and field sketches.

Although paintings on paper are usually framed under glass, it is not absolutely necessary.  Paintings on paper can be mounted on board or other backing and can be displayed without glass.  Varnish can be applied over the surface of the painting to provide protection.

NOAPS Hahnemuhl 5. Abstract painting by Annie Strack, acrylic on paper   Abstract Acrylic Painting on Hahnemuhle Paper by Annie Strack

For more information about Hahnemuehle, visit them on the web at http://www.Hahnemuehle.com and follow them on Twitter.com/Hahnemuehle USA and on Facebook.com/Hahnemuehle USA.

Annie Strack is a Signature Member of several artist societies and an Official Authorized Artist for the US Coast Guard.  She has received hundreds of awards and her work hangs in over 1,000 collections worldwide including USCG, Navy, Pentagon, Senate, VA, and many more.  She teaches painting at Artist’ Network University and for other organizations in workshops and classes around the works, and she is a contributing editor for Professional Artist Magazine.  To see more of Annie’s work visit http://www.anniestrackart.com or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger, and g+.

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