John Schisler: All American

NOAPS Schisler Catching stars 2

“Catching Stars 2”, Oil on Panel, 12×16, by John Schisler has been juried into the 2017 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit at the Castle Gallery of Fine Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If you had to pick an all-American theme, surely the flag and baseball fit.  For the artist, John Schisler, it recalls memories from boyhood of playing little league, neighborhood games, and movies like “The Sandlot”.  Even if baseball wasn’t your game, these finely rendered paintings surely draw us in.  The artist has created a composition with an expertly placed focal point, and remarkable care has been taken to represent the image truthfully.  The dark background could represent many ideas, but the force of the flag has won, and brings not just nostalgia, but a sense of our history and our hope.

NOAPS Schisler_My Home Sweet Home_300  “My Home Sweet Home”, 24×36, Oil on Panel, available through the Artist

John Schisler is surely living the American dream with his art.  Having always had an interest in art, he first took a painting class at the Conrad Miller Studio in Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.  After several years of classes there, a move took him to Delaware, where he decided to pursue his art full-time.

NOAPS Schislerl_Guts and Glory_300  “Guts and Glory”, 10×8, Oil on Panel, Collection of Dave Matthews

Schisler’s technique for oil painting, which he learned at Conrad Miller, is based on the Maroger process of starting with an underpainting, then using thin transparent darks to heavy opaque lights.  He sets up his still lifes in a shadow box, and works dark to light, using blending techniques for edge control.  His palette is quite simple, consisting of Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Flake White, with other colors added as needed.  Schisler uses Black Oil, which is used as a basis for the Maroger medium.  Black oil is made from cold-pressed linseed oil and litharge (a drying agent, safe to handle, toxic to ingest) and it’s characteristics prevent darkening of the paint film, improves paint flow, increases transparency, and is relatively easy to use.  The painting technique used by Schisler is undoubtedly successful, for his paintings have both strength and luminosity.

NOAPS Schisler_wip popcorn1  “Popped Corn” in Progress

NOAPS Schisler_Popped Corn_300  “Popped Corn” 12×9, Oil on Panel, Available through the Artist

Schisler’s approach to success was borne of good advice from a gallery owner: the gallery owner suggested that Schisler join art groups, start selling his work, gain a following, and then he would be ready for a gallery.  Though the rejection stung, Schisler heeded the advice, and is now represented by several prestigious galleries.  The key here, however, is dedication to one’s art, and a determination to improve.  As John states: “My work has gotten so much better since that first meeting, and now I strive to make every painting better than the last.”

NOAPS Schisler_box of baseballs_300  “Box of Baseballs”, 16×16, Oil on Panel, Available through the Artist.

John Schisler is represented by the Peninsula Gallery, Lewes, Delaware; the Trippe-Hilderbrandt Gallery, Easton, Maryland; the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio; and the William Ris Gallery, Jamesport, NY.

To view more work by John Schisler, go to

To view more work in the 2017 NOAPS Best of America Exhibit, go to, visit us on Facebook or Instagram (Natoilandacrylicsociety).  The Exhibit will be at the Castle Gallery of Fine Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana from October 16-November 11, 2017.

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS Blog Author


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