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NOAPS marc hanson Delta Soup

“Delta Soup”, 22×30, by Marc Hanson, winner of 3rd place from the 2017 NOAPS Fall \On-line International.

The 2017 NOAPS Fall On-line Exhibition is a remarkable collection of outstanding work from artists all over the world.  A variety of styles, genres and themes showcase the skill, imagination and creativity of contemporary art today.

Marc Hanson’s painting, “Delta Soup” is a very moody, atmospheric scene that gives one the sense of a damp, chilly day where the even light casts no shadows.

NOAPS Fei Gao Kazakh girl in a dress

“Kazakh girl in a dress”, 70x100cm, by Fei Gao, winner of a Merit Award from the 2017 NOAPS Fall On-line International.

In contrast, the painting by Fei Gao, above, is a stunning example of fine detail and draftsmanship, painting in a highly realistic style.  The painting not only attracts for the exquisite rendering of the dress, but also for the expression on the young woman’s face.

noaps adam Clague glowing grapefruit

“Glowing Grapefruit”, 6×6, by Adam Clague, winner of an Award of Excellence from the 2017 NOAPS Fall On-line International.

Another contrast of painting style is shown in the painting by Adam Clague.  This small painting done in an alla prima style deftly combines warm and cool colors along with vigorous brushwork to engage the viewer.

These are just a few of the fine examples of paintings represented in the On-line Exhibit.  More paintings can be viewed at

One of the tag lines for the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society is ‘Get Recognized’.  With so very many great artists as are alive today, we sometimes feel as though we are swimming in a pool so large we will never be noticed as artists.  The likelihood of our paintings selling for $450 million is more than a bit remote, and just selling at all is sometimes a surprise.  So how does an artist get recognized today, and is it all that important anyway?

Recognition, of course, comes in varying degrees from various sources.  From a friend or family member saying “I like your painting” to winning a national award, a bit of recognition is validation for the artist.  It is that validation that just may inspire us to get started on our next idea for a painting.

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society is a great place to get recognized.  With 4 exhibitions a year, two online and two gallery exhibits, there are ample opportunities to see your work hanging alongside other great artists.  All the shows are exhibited on the website, and on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the NOAPS homepage for information on the upcoming shows for 2018, and make a resolution to ‘Get Recognized’ with NOAPS!

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS Blog Director



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