1st Spring SMALL PAINTING National Juried Exhibition


“Decommissioned”, 12×16, Oil on Linen by Crystal Brown

The 1st Spring SMALL PAINTING National Juried Exhibition promises to be one of the best presented by the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society.  With 893 entries for the jury of selection to choose from, 156 paintings will be on exhibit at the Richland Gallery of Fine Art in Nashville Tennessee.  The work that was submitted was exceptional, and we are excited to see the show on display in person.


“Forgotten” 12×16, Oil on Wood Panel by Beth Marchant

It is indeed an honor to be included in such an exhibit, but the real thrill is to see the paintings in person.  It has long been my belief that paintings have a life of their own, that they exist certainly not as mere decoration, but as living things.  The paintings speak to us, but not as in a cliché, but in a deeply personal and thoughtful way.   The paintings present us with their own set of feelings, and depending on the person and the painting, we may be genuinely moved by them.

NOAPS Cantavella Looking Forward 18x14 Oil on Canvas Board

“Looking Forward”, 18×14, Oil on Canvas by Juan Cantavella.

The experience of seeing the art in person to some extent has been diminished by the availability of the art seen virtually via the computer.  While the online presence of art exposes us to an abundance of outstanding work, what it does lack is the personal experience.  In the April 2018 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur, Peter Trippi in his editor’s note wrote about making museum art meaningful to viewers; that there must be a connection, or an angle that draws viewers in….”the next generation will not bother to visit a museum or buy an original artwork because it’s much easier to enjoy, and afford, virtually….unless we make looking at original artworks so meaningful that younger people want to be there in person, too.”

NOAPS Zhang Sidney 12x16 Oil on Canvas

“Boats on Potomac River” 12×16, Oil on Canvas by Sidney Zhang

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society has as it’s mission to promote the artwork of living artists through exhibitions, education, marketing and special events.  It is our hope that art lovers of all kinds will come to Nashville this Spring to experience the work of living artists, to let the art come alive for them, and see just how meaningful viewing art in person really is.

The 1st Spring SMALL PAINTING National Juried Exhibition will be held at the Richland Gallery of Fine Art, 4009 Hillsboro Pike #203A, Nashville, TN.  To preview the art selected for the exhibit, visit www.noaps.org/events.

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS Blog Director

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