Charitable Giving

As artists, we are often approached to donate a piece of our work to a charitable cause.  If we pause for a moment before answering the call to donate, it is not a character flaw…a moment’s hesitation for thoughtful reflection is natural, and often to our benefit.

Giving of our art is giving of ourselves.  There is rarely a more personal type of giving than that which one has created by our own hand.  It is not only a way to help others, it is a way to spread the beauty and meaningfulness of what we have created.  In giving, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Aside from the giving of ourselves, it makes sense to donate.  For the artist, it means a new or different audience for your work.  Giving to a local charity may help to increase local sales.  Your giving spirit may be rewarded with new collectors.

Now to the hesitation…we ask ourselves many questions before committing to a donation, and rightly so.  Here are some questions that should be worked out in our own minds before committing:

*What does the charity support, and is it relevant to me?

*How will the work be used or sold?

*How will it be displayed?

*What kind of artwork is being donated, and does my work fit?

*Will I be able to get a tax receipt?

*Will I be able to track the selling price?

*What kind of exposure will the artwork receive?

*Are there promotional materials that I can distribute as well?

Art is your work, and may be your livelihood, make sure that giving makes sense to you. 

Here are some hints once you have decided to donate:

*Make sure the piece you give is a good representation of your work.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but should be of good quality and framed well.

*Include your contact information, business cards if allowed, a biography to herald your success as an artist, and the full retail price.

*Capitalize on the promotion offered by the charity; ask the charity if you can use their promotions on your website, facebook page or other venues.

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society members and non-members have recently been invited to donate for an on-line auction to benefit the Lovis Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The 28th ‘Best of America’ National Juried Exhibition will be held at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, who is partnering with the Lovis Foundation in this endeavor.  To learn more about the Lovis Foundation, visit  For questions regarding donations for this event, please email


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