2018 Fall On-Line: Judge’s Comments

NOAPS Them winter Blues 24x48 HANSON_MARC_595694-1

“Them Winter Blues”, 24×48, Oil, by Marc Hanson.  Winner of ‘Best of Show’ in the NOAPS 2018 Fall On-line International Exhibition.

The job of a Judge of Awards is never an easy task, and the approach that one must take is to forego all personal preferences and look at the artwork with an exceptionally critical eye.  The level of art presented in the 2018 NOAPS Fall On-line Exhibition was outstanding, and the discernment between choices became minute.  In order to win an award, the painting must hit all the marks, with no exceptions; those marks being drawing, values, composition, color, edges, narrative, technique and overall mastery of both the subject and the medium.

In Marc Hanson’s painting, shown above, every aspect of technical skill was addressed with both eloquence and proficiency.  The drawing and values create a composition that invites us in to search for the hidden places amidst the cold glittery morning air.  The colors of blues, blue violets, oranges and golds are subtly combined to pleasingly shift from warm to cool.  The edges dance from soft to hard, informing us of foreground and distance.  The total effect is remarkable.

NOAPS Children Face 30x40 cm Cai_Jie_595668-1

“Children Face”, 30x40cm, Oil, by Jie Cai, winner of Second Place Award in the 2018 NOAPS Fall On-line International.

The superbly painted portrait of children, shown above, is an outstanding painting on many levels.  The drawing is flawless, the construction of the composition provides a solid framework for the soft bodies, and the colors are subdued yet full of life.  The artist has provided a variety of textures; the cold metal, the rough brick contrasting with the downy soft hair and clothing.  The narrative is casual, yet draws our attention and curiosity.  The mastery of portraiture by this artist is extraordinary.

NOAPS Calm Morning in Chioggia 20x16 Whytock_John_595811-1

“Calm Morning in Chioggia”, 20×16, Oil, by John Whytock, winner of Third Place Award in the 2018 NOAPS Fall On-line International Exhibition.

Mood was the spell-binder in John Whytock’s painting, above.  The artist skillfully rendered the perspective on the building and boat believably, with impeccable drawing.  The light and shadow coupled with the atmosphere inform us of the time of day.  The artist has used his complementary colors convincingly; dulling down the red-orange has let the blue become the star color.  He has used linear elements, broken up by shapes, to lead us down to his focal area, where he has quietly placed his most intense color.  The texture on the building contrasts with the mirror-like water, with the darkest area of the painting at the bottom, giving the viewer the feeling that they, too, are sitting at water level.

My congratulations to all the artists admitted into the 2018 NOAPS Fall On-line International Exhibition.  It has been a privilege and an honor to view all of the outstanding paintings created by artists from all over the world, and I thank you for sharing with us your amazing work.

Written by Patricia Tribastone, Judge of Awards for the 2018 NOAPS Fall On-line International Exhibition.

To view all of the paintings in the exhibit visit www.noaps.org/2018-fall-online


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