2019 SMALL PAINTING Exhibition: A Weekend of Art

NOAPS Snowy Afternoon Walk 16x20Galbraith_Katherine_597618-1

“Snowy Afternoon Walk”, 16×20, Oil, by Katherine Galbraith, Winner of ‘Best of Show’ at the 2019 NOAPS SMALL PAINTING National Juried Exhibition at the RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas.

The results are in, the winners chosen!  The 2019 NOAPS SMALL PAINTING National Juried exhibition was a stunning success, with paintings from 35 states, Canada and Selangor.  The quality of the work was outstanding, as our Judge of Awards, William J. Kalwick, Jr. will attest.

The weekend events began with a 2 day plein air workshop headed by William Kalwick, painting on the grounds of the Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg.  Though the weather only cooperated for one day, Bill quickly changed genres and gave participants a day of portrait instruction, indoors and out of the inclement conditions outside.  All the participants appreciated Bill’s flexibility and expansive knowledge.

NOAPS KALWICK WORKSHOP  William J. Kalwick, Jr. during the Plein Air Workshop

The rest of the weekend included a demonstration by Ann Hardy, NOAPS Master Artist, where she shared her insights in floral painting.  Bob Rohm, well-known artist and author, followed in the afternoon with a demonstration of his landscape painting technique.

NOAPS ANN HARDY DEMO  Ann Hardy, NOAPS Master Artist

NOAPSBobRohm3small[19468]  Bob Rohm, Artist and Author

Bill Kalwick returned on Saturday with a portrait demonstration, where he completed a full portrait ‘alla prima’, while keeping us engaged with lively discussion.


William J. Kalwick, Jr. demonstrating with model Edyth O’Neill

The best part of all, of course, is seeing the paintings in person.  There is simply no comparison to the images over the internet.  For example, the painting that won ‘Best of Show’, above, is an exquisite example of “composition, values, temperature and light” as per our Judge of Awards.  The brushwork flows with grace through the painting, sweeping from one area to the next, guiding the viewer with soft edges and surprises of color.

Be sure to check www.noaps.org for upcoming exhibits, and plan to attend the 2019 ‘Best of America’ National Juried Exhibition at the Montgomery Lee Fine Art Gallery in beautiful Park City, Utah!

To see the entire NOAPS SMALL PAINTING Exhibition, visit www.noaps.org.

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS Blog Director.  Photo Credits: Cheng Lian, Ober-Rae Livingstone and Patricia Tribastone.




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