Cathy Pitts: Mixing Realism and the Abstract

NOAPS Pitts Light Tapestry, oil on belgian linen on board, 47x57 inches, private collection

“Light Tapestry”, 47×57, Oil on Belgian Linen on Board, Private Collection.  Winner of Most Innovative from the 2020 NOAPS Spring Online International Exhibition.  Contact the artist at

The swirling shapes of light and dark dance throughout the painting and immediately send our eyes moving.  As we investigate, we see the repetition of the image, with the division of space that beats at a pace we can literally match to a heartbeat.  The artist has revealed her technical skill, but also the ability to create an interactive painting which engages us at an abstract level.  The result invites the mind to inquire, over and over.

NOAPS Pitts Magenta Sunset, oil on canvas, 48x72 inches, collection of the artist  “Magenta Sunset”, Oil on Canvas, 48×72, Collection of the Artist

Cathy Pitts would describe herself as a Contemporary Artist, mixing representational images with the abstract.  She was educated at UCLA, graduating with a BFA in theater and set design.  This training led her to the visual arts, with a unique vision for conceptual work.  She worked designing sets for the Palm Springs Dance Company, then began a dedicated study and career in fine art.  She attended classes and workshops, and found a mentor in Kwok Wai Lau, from whom she has gained much insight over the course of 20 years.

NOAPS Pitts Her Majesty, oil on canvas, 48x72 inches, private collection  “Her Majesty”, Oil on Canvas, 48×72, Private Collection

Pitts finds her inspiration from many sources ranging from random streams of visual thought to the real life objects around her.  “Light and movement are the central themes of my work, as it represent life and hope.”  In her painting “Light Tapestry” she challenged herself to take an image, remove the color, repeat the image, all in many layers of paint and patience, to create a “vibration, or dance of the shimmering light throughout the glass landscape.”

NOAPS Pitts East Meets West-Chi Fusion Series, oil on canvas, 48x72 inches, collection of the artist  “East Meets West: Chi Fusion Series”, Oil on Canvas, 48×72, Collection of the Artist

Her work is not limited to one genre or medium, revealing versatility in her choice of subject matter and materials.  She also works in photography and mixed media, incorporating metals, acrylic, wood and neon.

Cathy Pitts is a disciplined artist; she works at her passion 7 days a week in the studio for eight or more hours.  She works from both photos and life, while planning her compositions with much deliberation.  The paintings then take on their own life, as she departs from the photo or still life set-up, and becomes immersed in the painting.  Her palette consists of a variety of colors, chosen for their intensity of pigment.

NOAPS Pitts Brave the New World, oil on canvas, 60x50 inches, collection of the artist  “Brave the New World”, Oil on Canvas, 60×50, Collection of the Artist

This accomplished artist has shown her work internationally, having created paintings for three shows for Art Revolution Taipei.  Sponsored by the New York Contemporary Art Fund, she was selected to represent the US in Taiwan.  Cathy has exhibited in over 40 national and international juried exhibitions, has won numerous awards, and has been published in many publications.  Her work is widely collected in the United States and abroad.

Cathy Pitts is a self-represented artist; to see more of her work visit

To view the 2020 NOAPS Spring Online International, go to

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS President and Blog Director

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