Elizabeth Robbins: Awards Judge

Many thanks to our 2020 Fall Online International Exhibition Awards Judge, Elizabeth Robbins. Elizabeth is a Master Artist with the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society. As the judge, Elizabeth took many hours to look at each painting in our exhibition, and took the extra time to write notes on the top award winners. Congratulations to all the award winners, and to the accepted artists. With over 1400 paintings submitted, and 200 accepted, the competition was at a very high level.

Here are the comments by Elizabeth:

As an award judge I look for these things in a painting

1.  My first gut reaction.   I have learned that my first reaction to a painting really tells me whether it deserves an award or not

2.  The emotional impact of the piece.  This goes along with my gut reaction.  My emotional response to a painting could be completely different than someone else.  Everybody’s voice matters.  As a judge I try to listen       to every voice but there are some that resonate more with me than others

3.  Harmony:  Does the painting have a pleasing color harmony.  Is there any color note that just feels out of place or do they all feel cohesive together

4.  Composition:  Does the painting have a composition that feels like a piece of music.  Do elements of the painting connect with one another or do they just feel as if they are all isolated.  

5.  Value relationships:  Of course this is a big one.  

6.  Line and edges:  I love a lyrical line in a painting.  I’m also looking for a variety of edges either more hard or soft as long as not everything is lost or everything is found.  

7. Drawing.  I really don’t mind a painting that the drawing is slightly off because nothing is perfect in life.  I’d rather view a painting that has a very strong emotional impact but some flaws than a painting that is perfect and lacks emotion.  True art comes from the heart not the head.  Someone else might disagree with me but I want to be moved by art.  

Best of Show “Capture” by Richard Johnson

Wow was my reaction when I saw this one. The movement in their bodies is incredible. I loved the drama. I loved the touch of red. The skin tones are remarkable. Edges excited me. I wanted to keep looking at this painting waiting for the next move.

Second Place “Boca Light Sunset” by Neal Hughes

 Beautiful Landscape.  Great composition.  I loved the large cloud shape in the sky in relationship to the smaller land mass. I loved the grays in this painting yet it feels very colorful

Third Place “Roses and Grapevines” by Katie Liddiard

As a Rose lover and painter I just loved this.  So quiet and yet so poetic.  The color palette is just so pleasing.  I loved the more abstract design in the lower leaves.  It’s a painting I would love to have in my collection.

Best Still Life “Spanish Memories” by Jeremy Goodding

Everything about this painting is beautiful.  They lovely grays. The form of the vase, the edges.  The fact the all the flowers are facing down with the exception of the one on the bottom right was intriguing.  It has a story to tell

Best use of Light and Color “Jacobs Ladder” by Jason Sacran

This has a lot of drama to it.  The light peaking from being that tree and the sun rays are lovely, the color temperatures in the shadows are wonderful.  I loved that touch of pinks and violets in the tree.  It has depth and emotion.  Another one I would love to own.

Best People “Conquer” by Pavel Sokov

With this painting I loved the darker shape behind him that followed his body down the canvas.  The look on his face has strong emotion.  The edges are wonderful. Great Harmony

Best Landscape “Light Dance” by Matt Cutter

My first reaction to seeing this painting was just WOW.  The line of rocks and light that lead me to that upper left crescendo is magnificent.  I loved the quietness of the palette yet you can feel the warmth of the sun hitting the water.  Bravo!

Most Innovative “Pursuit of Happiness” by Natalie Wiseman

I would have loved to have seen this one in person.  The complexity of the design is mind boggling.  I love the message it gives.  Very complicated piece and quite original.  The touch of the yellow smiley face is brilliant.  Well Done

Narrative Excellence “Helen” by Sandra Kuck

Beautiful painting, full of emotion.  Lovely skin tones.  The background detail tells a story. Great harmony.  Her outstretched hands with the full bouquet of roses on the left to lead you to the one rose on the right.  Great narrative.  

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