Lee Alban: Setting Yourself Apart

NOAPS Alban Stephanie-LadyOfSteam 24x36

“Stephanie-Lady of Steam”, Oil, 24×36

This highly detailed painting does more than just display an incredible skill, it tells a story. As the young lady looks into the light, we can see that she is probably hot, tired, but still paying attention to the job at hand. We can read her readiness, and we wait while we expect her to turn to us and push the knob. We can feel the hot steam in the background, smell the grease and hot metal, and hear the humming of the engine. A masterful work makes us feel.

NOAPS Alban Shelley at Strasburg Railroad 30x40

“Shelly at Strasburg Railroad”, Oil, 30×40

Lee Alban is a painter of stories. With his deft hand he creates a narrative that compels the viewer to look carefully into the painting, and work through the story. Lee devotes himself to his art full time, spending long hours in the studio creating his complicated compositions. He often works in a series, and the painting above is part of a collection called “Silk and Steel”, depicting “women who work on steam trains, but also includes women who build, maintain, and operate vintage steam tractors and other farm equipment.”

NOAPS Alban Avery Restoration 30x40

“Avery Restoration”, Oil, 30×40

After his career teaching high school science, Lee enrolled in the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, where he honed his realistic style of painting. He works exclusively in oil, though in the past also worked in watercolor and pen & ink. His mastery is not limited to figures; he also paints still life, landscapes and portraits. He is inspired by artists ranging from Bouguereau to Sargent, and comtemporary artists Richard Schmid and Harley Brown.

NOAPS Alban May The Warm Winds Of Heaven Blow Softly Upon Your House 24x30

“May the Warm Winds of Heaven Blow Softly Upon Your House”, Oil, 24×30

His process includes making his own paint and Maroger medium using black oil, and works on panels, hardboards, or stretched canvas. He derives his compositions from his photographs, using the computer to design the best image. He sometimes paints an underpainting in raw umber, particularly for complicated paintings.

NOAPS Alban To Touch The Earth Is To Have Harmony With Nature 18x24

“To Touch The Earth Is To Have Harmony With Nature”, Oil, 18×24

Alban has been a prolific painter, and his greatest achievement to date has been the Gold Medal of Honor from the Allied Artists of America 107th Annual Exhibition. In Lee’s words, “I learned a long time ago that when you enter the highest levels of competition ALL of the artists are unbelievably good. You need your best skills, best composition, and a lot of luck..”

Lee’s best advice to artists? “Learn from the artists you admire, take their workshops, study their videos, but find your own unique pathway.” That is what sets you apart.

Lee Alban’s work is represented by Reinert Fine Art, Charleston, SC; Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK; Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD; Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX; and The Good Art Company, Fredericksburg, TX. To see more of Lee’s work visit www.leealban.com

Lee Alban is a Signature Member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, and is on the Panel of Award Judges for the 2021 NOAPS Best of America Small Works National Juried Exhibition.

Written by Patricia Tribastone, NOAPS President

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