National artists Rita Orr, Joseph Orr, Dennis T. Yates, and Pete (A.K.) Peterson along with arts advocates William R. Mitchell, Martha Mitchell, and Dr. Donald Ruthenberg began planning a national exhibit in 1990 which would focus on paintings of oil and acrylic media. A not for profit status was set up and these visionaries were soon joined by Betty Fitzgerald, James Baumgartner, and Kenneth Gerardy. The first annual exhibit of The National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, complete with full catalogs, became a reality in 1991.

The National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society was organized for the purpose of “governing, administering and maintaining such activities as will provide a national forum and standard of excellence in which artists can fully express the media of oil and acrylic on canvas and panel.”

The primary objective of this not-for-profit corporation is the annual national juried art exhibition and competition. In 1991 the first exhibition took place with 100 artists submitting 300 paintings to the jury panel. From this humble beginning, the group has grown to a membership base of over 1400 artist and patron affiliates who are currently welcoming the 23rd annual exhibition The BEST of America! 2013.

Focusing on the emerging artist, rather than the well-known painters who have already gained acceptance in the Visual Fine Arts industry, the NOAPSociety has continued to encourage these extremely talented, artists. This philosophy has served well during a decade of steady growth as evidenced by its tremendous appeal to not only the art connoisseur, but also to the general public, which persists in its relentless quest of “The BEST!”

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