The Fun Creativity of the Artistic Spirit

2742-Ar by Anita Mosher

2742-Ar by Anita Mosher

When it comes to creativity, artists manage to keep that fun imaginative spirit of childhood where nothing is impossible in the young mind. Artists are able to perceive a reality that frequently intersects with dreams dancing playfully together to an ingenious beat. They skillfully paint their subjects who take on a personality of their own assuming roles sometimes reserved for royalty. 

NOAPS Signature Artist, Anita Mosher, enjoys that creative spirit. As an artist, she paints different subjects but she finds some of her subjects on farms, islands, at stop signs, and friends’ back yards. Anywhere she travels in the U.S.A. or even in Europe, camera or cell phone in hand, with her husband and her children, she stops and takes a few photos if she happens to see a chicken crossing the road! She has fun rooster/hen references from many places including Colorado, Kansas, Kauai, Mexico, Key West, and  even France and Italy.

William & Kate by Anita Mosher

William & Kate by Anita Mosher

The imaginative spirit does not stop with the photos. With sophisticated innocence, she names the chickens using the native language of the country where the photo was taken.  The chickens become kings, queens, princes or movie stars…it’s an intuitive thing! And, of course, the chickens are then painted. Their portraits a testimony to their individuality.

“Collectors love my chickens for a variety of reasons, most of the time they have an emotional connection; they grew up with them, their grandmother raised chickens, etc. It makes my day to receive compliments on the movement, the color and the brushwork in my work whether from collectors, family or friends.”

Giuseppe by Anita Mosher

Giuseppe by Anita Mosher

“I painted so many chickens earlier in my career that I began to grow weary of the subject matter and I didn’t paint a lot of chickens for a few years. I still enjoy a variety of subject matter and I have a rekindled interest in painting chickens now. It has been like renewing a treasured friendship with a long lost friend.”




Anita Mosher is an American impressionist trained in the Russian school of painting. Anita is an award winning artist noted for her brilliant use of color and exuberant strokes across the canvas. She has received awards from national juried shows and has exhibited her paintings nationwide in both solo and group exhibitions. Anita’s work hangs in private and corporate collections across the United States and Europe. Anita

is a founding signature member of the Plein Air Artists Colorado and Nomadas del Arte and a signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society and the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society.

See more of her paintings at

Bogie & Bacall by Anita Mosher

Bogie & Bacall by Anita Mosher

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