The 23rd BEST OF AMERICA Exhibit 2013

View the 23rd BEST of AMERICA Exhibit 2013
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  • Best of Show – Noaps Founders Award $3,500 – Ukulele Day Dream by Bob Rey
  • Janet Ross Commemorative – Best Landscape $500 by Noaps – Morning Harbour by Derek Pennix
  • Best Portrait sponsored by M. Graham & Co. $500 in products – Annual Ring of Life by Cheng Lian
  • Best Still Life sponsored by Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff $500 in gift certificates plus Apron & Tote bag – Birds Nest on the Ground by Lynn Clark
  • Most Innovative sponsored by McDonald’s/Jim Baumgartner $250 cash – Union Pacific by Simon Winnegar
  • Best Impressionistic sponsored by Holbein Artist Color $250 in products – Red Chair – Emiliya Lane
  • Best Use of Light & Color sponsored by Savoir-Faire: Sennelier/Isabey – $250 in gift certificate – Rural Lights by Jason Sacran
  • Narrative Excellence sponsored by Jack Richeson & Co Inc. $225 in gift certificate – Sister by Derek Gollaher
  • Blick Art Materials Award of Excellence  – $250 in certificates – Saddle Down by Lei Min
  • Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award of Excellence $250 in Gift Certificate plus apron & tote bag – Frozen Lobster by Donald Curran
  • Source Tek Award of Excellence – $250 in products– Lady Ruth by James Fetter

Merit Awards

  • Sponsor Airfloat Systems Inc. $150 in gift certificate – Evening Cypress by Sheryl Knight
  • Sponsor Ampersand Art $100 in gift certificate – Road to Tularosa by John Pototschnick
  • Sponsor Colart: Winsor & Newton/Liquitex $100 in products – Bonita by Brenda Semanick
  • Sponsor Creative Catalyst Productions – 2 awards video products to be selected by receiving artist (certificates provided) – Night Life by William Brody and Memories Decline by Debbie Baer
  • Sponsor Daler – Rowney $50 in certificate – Daddy’s Boat – Jian Wu
  • Sponsor Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors – 2 awards each for $150 in certificates – My Father’s Chair by Farshid Namei and Solitude by Dave Ivey
  • Sponsor Golden Artist Colors – $100 gift certificate – Morning Stretch by Anne Peyton
  • Sponsor Jack Richeson & Co Inc. $75 gift certificate – Seeking Knowledge by Georgesse Gomez
  • Sponsor Practical Magic Art Supply – $50 gift certificate – Young Tom by Amy Roy
  • Sponsor RayMar ART $100 certificate – Aimee’s Garden by Barbara Nuss
  • Sponsor Silver Brush Limited $100 in products – Misha From Minsk by Buell Cole
  • Sponsor Southwest Art Magazine 5 one year subscription to the magazine:

On the Edge by Judith Knapp
End of a Long Run by Lee Alban
Robert by Zimou Tan
Lonesome by Tina Garrett
Thought of Love by Cecilia Thorell

  • Sponsor by The Artist’s Magazine 2 -one year subscription to magazine

Among Lillies by  Jeff Wells
James Garvey with Cello by Lennie Muscarella

The BEST of AMERICA Catalog will be sent to each NOAPS Member. Additional copies may be purchased for $10 shipping within the USA and Canada included. Order your catalog through

These art pieces below and in the catalog can be purchased through the galleries or by contacting

catalog BOA

catalog2 boacatalog 3 BOA

To order a catalog please go to:

Thank you to all our sponsors!!!

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