Why enter an art competition?

Enter or not enter?…… that is the question faced by every artist when confronted with a “Call for Entries.”

Why should an artist enter an art competition? Specially an international on-line competition such as NOAPS Fall International On-Line Exhibit? This is a valid question that as artists we ask ourselves every time we receive a ‘Call for Entries’. Of course, we can talk about building your artistic resume, increasing exposure, and not to mention cash awards; however, to really answer this question, we interviewed the winner of the Spring 2013 NOAPS International On-Line Competition, Tanya Bone, a Canadian artist.

Sow the Seed by Tanya Bone - Oil 18x26 Best of Show NOAPS Spring 2013 Open International On-Line Competition

Sow the Seed by Tanya Bone – Oil 18×26 Best of Show NOAPS Spring 2013 Open International On-Line Competition

Interview of Tanya Bone conducted by Michelle Murray, NOAPS Director for Canada.

1- When did you start entering International Art Exhibits, and why did you enter?

 I began entering in 2010.  I wanted evaluation of my work by professional artists I didn’t personally know and whose works I greatly admire

 2-How has the International exposure helped your career? Was the Tennessee Gallery a result of it?

The exposure has helped my career in that the various Exhibitions and Competitions’ awards and recognitions are broadcast online inclusive of links to my website and my galleries’ websites.  The results of this have been that I have received invitations to participate in annual Masters Invitational Shows as well as invitations to instruct workshops. 

 Being invited to be represented by the Tennessee Gallery may have been the result of a chain reaction of events:  Entering exhibitions, then being accepted into Juried National Exhibitions and participation in advertisement in magazine sponsored articles.  I think the Tennessee Gallery may have seen my work in such an article or show which may have led to their contacting me.

 3-What did winning the NOAPS Online showcase last April do for your growth as an artist?

 It validated the belief in myself as an artist.  The critique written by juror and esteemed artist Todd A. Williams is an inspirational gift I will always treasure.

 4-What would you tell emerging artists trying to establish themselves about the opportunity that joining NOAPS or participating in their exhibits can offer?

 It makes you show up at your easel.  It makes you work hard.  It makes you persevere and gives you the courage to believe in yourself and your work.  It makes you raise the bar for yourself with every competition you enter!

 5-My local Canadian gallery feels that it is very important for local artists to enter International Art Competitions. It lets the local collector know the artist takes his/her career seriously and is trying to grow beyond the local market. What is your feeling about this statement?

I only wish that all galleries felt this way.  Galleries that really support the artists they represent recognize that leaning in this direction not only benefits the artists they represent, but the gallery itself.

6-Do you have any technical tips for artists regarding your art?

It would be my privilege to share, but I just don’t have any “secret” techniques.  Other than getting your values right, the other thing I would mention is to use only the best quality “professional artist grade” paints.

Tin-Lizzy by Tanya Bone - 12x24 - oil on canvas

Tin-Lizzy by Tanya Bone – 12×24 – oil on canvas

To see the details and results of our last NOAPS On-Line International Competition Spring 2013 visit our website: http://www.noaps.org/html/oli_2013_open.html or see our April blogs.

Additional work for Tanya Bone can be seen at http://www.tanyabone.com

Michelle Murray is the NOAPS Director for Canada and can be contacted at canada@noaps.org

The deadline to enter NOAPS Current On-Line International is November 18, 2013 and the Prospectus can be found at http://www.noaps.org/html/on-line_international.html

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