Dale Macafee, Contemporary Realism Painter, shares his art and a few thoughts

Snowy Freight by Dale Macafee

Snowy Freight by Dale Macafee

Dale Macafee is a new NOAPS Signature Member and we asked him to share his beautiful art and a few thoughts with us. Here they are! Enjoy these excellent acrylic art works!

About technique and subject: I paint landscapes and still life acrylic works. Currently, I start my canvases with a dry brush background and I apply detail colors in limited areas.  I am Scottish so I squeeze each drop from my painting space and paints. When choosing subjects, I keep in mind that shiny, detailed, simple, happy subjects with little negative space tend to sell. This means I don’t paint skulls or eye-torturing imagery.

In painting, I favor realism and I paint nontraditional items to catch an eye. My creative approach starts by routinely filling my mind with images and letting subjects ferment into a serious one. It is vague at the beginning and it takes time to shape, but it eventually develops into the piece of art I wish to paint.

Admittedly, offering your view of life by paint and canvas is risky – it makes us rather vulnerable and exposed. Life as a painter can be difficult. For this reason, I am continually encouraged to look at the paintings offered in exhibitions such as our current NOAPS “Best of America” Exhibit 2013. It is a great opportunity to learn about other artists, current subjects, judging processes, as well as evaluating the prices and the market. We have an impressive art membership and knock-out exhibits that help us to gain knowledge by comparing and evaluating our own art.

North Bay Shelves by Dale Macafee

North Bay Shelves by Dale Macafee

About the current art market and our own commitment:  So being an artist is difficult and being an artist during a seemly endless recession is even harder. However, with our devalued dollar and depressed domestic prices, this is an artistic bonanza. Right now outstanding paintings are available at undervalued prices. It is largely unrecognized, but it is an art collector’s time to rock!

In addition, it is an excellent moment to step-up our work. It is time to invest to gain an edge and focus to become a painting contender or an art collector. Believing in your art, creating a sizeable body of gallery-worthy and museum creditable pieces is a righteous pursuit. It is now an opportune time. Paint! Collect!

About Dale Macafee

Dale is a Contemporary Realism Painter from Loess Hills of upstate Iowa. He earned a B.F.A. from the Rochester Institute of Technology and as he would say, his graduation was before computers and Handy-wipes. He is a NOAPS Signature Member and his paintings are part of many private collections. See more of his beautiful art at: http://www.macafeefineart.com

Jones St Muse A by Dale Macafee

Jones St Muse A by Dale Macafee

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